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Children's room lighting needs to pay attention to

2019/09/12 10:47
The lighting environment of the children's room is different from the "warm" feeling emphasized by the master bedroom. The personality characteristics and the needs of growth should be fully considered. The lighting environment of the children's room is different from the "warm" feeling emphasized by the master bedroom. The personality characteristics and the needs of growth should be fully considered.
The children's room generally has the functions of learning, playing, rest and storage. It is a real children's world. Therefore, the overall lighting brightness of the room should be higher than that of the adult room, and the light should be soft, so that the room has a warm and peaceful atmosphere. In addition, the room needs to have local lighting to make it easier for children to read writing, find books, find storage, or use a variety of lamps to add to the room. If the indoor lighting layout is unreasonable, the light is not sufficient, or the child's actual needs are neglected in order to emphasize the decorative effect, the counter effect will be received.
Decorative lights should be full of childlikeness - features: varied shapes, bright colors
Children's rooms are generally equipped with a combination of overall lighting and local lighting. The overall lighting requires chandeliers and ceiling lamps to create a clear and dreamy light effect for the space, while local lighting is provided by wall lights, table lamps, spotlights, etc. Different lighting needs. The selected luminaire should give the child a relaxed and full of interesting light in shape and color to expand the child's imagination and stimulate the child's interest in learning. Therefore, parents may wish to choose the children's room lighting together with the children, so that children can enjoy the fun of self-propelled lights.
With a star-rated luxury cruise ship, a mountain biking bike, and a plane flying in the blue sky, it was a dream of how many people used to be children. Today, these shapes have been applied to the chandelier series, all made of frosted glass and hung. Such a chandelier in the children's room will surely let the child spread the wings of imagination, and learning will become interesting. If you want to remind your child to remember the time, then choose the doll-shaped clock wall light. There are also chandeliers, ceiling lamps and wall lamps, such as stars and moons. Different materials reveal different light and shadow effects. The crystal moon lights are dazzling, while the frosted glass lamps flow out the warmth of the moon like water.
Learning lamps should protect the eyes - Features: eye protection, safety, environmental protection
For children of school age, learning is a top priority at this stage, so it is essential to choose a suitable desk lamp for your child. Children's world is always dyed with dreamy colors. When parents choose lamps for their children, they often choose cute and colorful lights, but sometimes the appearance of the lamps does not guarantee the child's vision. Since children are in the growth stage, the choice of lamps should not only consider whether their safety and materials are environmentally friendly, and whether the shape conforms to the psychological characteristics of children. For lamps used as learning lighting, it is more important to comply with children on the light source. The actual needs.
Due to its instability, the ordinary light source can easily cause the child's vision to drop. Therefore, it is especially important to choose bright and high color rendering lamps. The new generation of three primary color fluorescent lamps is a good choice. Its luminous efficiency is 1.4 times that of ordinary fluorescent lamps, and its color rendering is 1.2 times that of ordinary fluorescent lamps. Its light source is brighter. It is true, and it can naturally display color. It is more conducive to children's learning than ordinary light sources, and can protect eyesight.
★ Lighting recommendations -
1. The socket should have a cover
For young parents, the naughty little baby at home often makes everyone laugh, but the child's natural love to climb everywhere, you must pay attention to whether the power socket in the children's room is safe. The general power socket is not covered. Therefore, for the safety of the baby, you should choose a socket with a safety cover or a power plug that can be automatically closed.
2. Wall lamp wire must be in the wall
Children's nature is lively and active, and they are full of curiosity about things, especially young children, but they lack the necessary sense of self-protection. Therefore, if there is a wall lamp installed in the small master's room, then you should be careful not to expose the power cord, so as to avoid the inconvenience of the small owner taking the wire as a toy to play with, thus causing the risk of electric shock. In addition, parents can also add a wall dimmer switch to their beloved baby, which makes it easy for children to switch lights at night.
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