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After the Ministry of Construction and the National Development and Reform Commission announced the catalogue of high-efficiency lighting appliances encouraged to be promoted in urban lighting, the design of energy-saving lighting fixtures became the most concerned issue for lighting manufacturers this year. Industry consensus, in order to achieve high efficiency and energy saving, the first should use energy-saving light source, which is the premise to promote high-efficiency energy-saving lamps; secondly, according to the size and shape of energy-saving light source, carefully design the optical system of the lamp to improve the effective utilization and decorative effect of the lamp. 


Technology: Focus on luminaire integration technology 


The dimming method of the luminaire will be more advanced, convenient and flexible than before. In addition to the dimming device and the switching device in the luminaire, the light source is dimmed with an integrated infrared receiver or remote dimming device, or programmed dimming using a computer. 


This dimming method is suitable for the current ceiling reconstruction, and the existing dimming system can simultaneously perform stepless dimming and time delay illumination for ten different places. Use the scene selector to work with the light source and low-voltage lighting system to combine flexible lighting design with multi-point control with the usual wiring.


Integrated technology will be further integrated with the development of modern lighting. After the integrated lamps are used in various lamps, the energy saving effect is remarkable. For example, the directional lighting spotlight lamps produced by a US company use integrated circuits, and the energy consumption of the lamps has dropped significantly. It turns out that the integrated technology will become the design trend of modern lamps.


Lighting: development in a small, practical and versatile direction


The use of compact fluorescent lamps in modern luminaires has increased. The original fluorescent lamps were mainly concentrated in the development of table lamps, and have now gradually expanded to various types of lighting fixtures. Can be simply classified as: low-power compact fluorescent lamps, which are generally used in desk lamps and grille lamps; high-power compact fluorescent lamps, generally used in various road lights, garden lights, lawn lights; three of them Most of the compact fluorescent lamps use electronic ballasts and are equipped with unique reflectors for high efficiency.


Last year, residential buildings experienced a trend of changing indoor sizes and functions, which made this year's multi-functional combination lamps more popular. For example, the ceiling fan light suitable for home and office places adopts a control system that integrates lighting dimming and electric fan speed control functions. This system can not only perform full-range dimming of the light source, but also implement three-speed speed control on the electric fan. Convenient and practical. Another example is a multi-functional lighting device suitable for use in a ward, which can be used as a background light source for receiving sick patients, and also has four functions of a lamp, a medical examination lamp, and a night nurse light.


Function: Focus on lighting and decoration


In the past, lamps have played the role of pure lighting in people's lives. Nowadays, a variety of personalized lamps have been launched in the market. This year's lamps will further develop in the direction of both lighting and decoration. This year, the lighting market has placed more emphasis on decorative and aesthetic effects. The design and production of modern lamps use modern science and technology, combining classical style with the sense of the times, reflecting the achievements of modern lighting technology. The European style is generally equipped with crystal series lamps to highlight its luxurious style.


The characteristics of the development of composite lighting fixtures are: in order to ensure the lighting conditions and visual comfort, most of the lamps are equipped with a variety of accessories, so that users can adjust according to their needs. Both emphasis on individuality and emphasis on coordination with the background environment. In short, one of the important signs reflecting the level of modern lighting products is to see if they can highlight their own characteristics and decorative effects while coordinating the entire environment.

Lighting product market demand situation


Table lamp


Start turning to decoration, fun and combination. From the current market sales situation, the table lamp with a price between 30 and 200 yuan is the most popular. The decorative table lamp pays attention to the decorative effect and caters to the psychology that consumers have both artistic appreciation value and practical value. The fun table lamp is small and exquisite, and the characters are mostly selected from cartoon characters and zodiac animals, which are favored by teenagers. The combination lamp has an alarm clock and a desk lamp combination; there is an activity calendar and a desk lamp combination; there are also a combination of a pencil case, a photo frame and a table lamp, etc., which has been popular in the market in recent years.




Most of the chandeliers are made of pure copper or 24K gold-plated metal hangers, which are European classical style. This year, Europa Lighting still dominates the market and has made breakthroughs in glass materials. There are some new styles of chandeliers in the domestic market. The main feature is that the metal lamp holders are treated with sand silver or sand gold. After special processing, the metal will be sandy gold and silver, plus a white lampshade. It looks soft.


floor lamp


In recent years, the floor lamp style is more popular with the folding type mother lamp. The lamp head of this lamp is directed upwards to the ceiling, and the sub lamp head is downward, and the brightness is high. This year's floor lamp color is still dominated by warm colors and vintage colors, such as brown and wood color are the more popular colors on the market. In addition, the apple green, royal blue, yellow and orange series are also popular.

Wall lamp


The wall light is used as an auxiliary lighting fixture. The new generation of wall light series also uses some of the latest photographic techniques. For example, a lamp equipped with an automatic sensor can automatically extinguish the light with the intensity of the external light, thereby avoiding energy waste caused by the user forgetting to turn off the light. There is also a wall lamp equipped with a passive infrared sensor, which can sense the heat of the moving object and activate the light source, which has the effect of deterring the thief.


light bulb


The variety of light bulbs is also endless. Such as mosquito repellent bulbs, the use of mosquitoes to the rejection of special wavelengths of light, to achieve the effect of silent, interest-free, tasteless, non-toxic mosquitoes.


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