Lighting and jewelry industry has prospects


Recently, the author and the industry friends exchanged, found that many people want to enter the lighting industry development, some want to be a light source, some want to be an electrician, some want to do retail, some want to pick up projects and so on. In fact, it is not a simple matter to create a career in the lighting market. It depends on the fact that entrepreneurs do not have the relevant qualities. These qualities have a great impact on their success or failure.  


First, entrepreneurs are best trained in lighting and practical experience. Some people now feel that as long as they have the financial strength, they can do the lighting products well, but it is not. It is necessary to understand the lamp. It is a professional industry. After all, it has been developed in recent years. It is best to accept the professional training of the market players in the industry and master the construction principle of the lamp. Simple maintenance skills, in order to better lay a solid foundation for customer service in the future sales through the combination of professional theories and skills learned.


Second, the ability to grasp and use opportunities. The lighting industry is highly competitive, and all kinds of information and opportunities are emerging, which requires people to seize this opportunity without losing the opportunity. But not everyone can seize the opportunity, and the opportunity is not all beneficial to entrepreneurs, there are certain risks and challenges, which requires entrepreneurs to learn to analyze, can not be stunned when successful, in the event of failure Lose confidence and develop the ability to face, scientifically analyze, and act quickly. 


Third, we must have operational management capabilities. Although the lighting store is small, it is also a small but complete, but also has to deal with people and property, how to make the existing resources through their own efforts, work hard to earn value-for-money profits, the most basic requires entrepreneurs to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees The whole body serves the enterprise, and the invoicing, personnel, and finance are well organized. The ability of business management is not born, but is continuously learned, observed, and constantly obtained in practice. Many management and management capabilities are summed up in failure, and this ability directly affects the survival and development of the enterprise.


Fourth, we must have the ability of social interpersonal communication to create a personal relationship that is conducive to the development of the enterprise. The lighting industry is inseparable from the opportunity to deal with all levels of society, and every day when you start business, you have to deal with customers, including contact, hospitality, eating, chatting and so on. If there is no certain interpersonal ability, you can't establish your own network in the business field, then the marketing of the enterprise can't be carried out. In today's homogenization of the lighting industry, under the same conditions, the network is a very important resource.

In short, to become a successful member of the lighting industry, it is necessary to learn familiarity with industry expertise, accumulate practical management experience, manage the enterprise into a modern enterprise, and establish its own network and market relationship, and constantly enhance the opportunity. The ability and comprehensive competitiveness, in this way, can open the situation and remain invincible; on the contrary, if you do not have these qualities, you should carefully consider entering the lighting industry to start a business, otherwise it will be too late to wait until the end of the game. (Friendly reminder: more calls, more consultation, actual inspection, can reduce investment risks) 


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