9 major trends in consumer demand for home lighting


Throughout the lighting market in recent years, the competition of home lighting is mainly concentrated on the effects, modeling, technology and application of new technologies, material changes, etc.; and the consumer demand of the lighting market also shows nine major trends according to the above aspects.     


First, functional subdivision. People are no longer just satisfied with the lighting function of the luminaire, and lamps suitable for various use requirements have emerged. Student lights, writing lights, emergency lights, fluorescent lights, neon lights, dinner lights, floor lamps of different heights, etc.   


Second, the style is luxurious. The decorative lamps of high-end office buildings, luxury hotels, restaurants and other public facilities are becoming more and more luxurious and high-end. The magnificent high-end chandeliers, the crystal clear table lamps, the elegant white lotus lights, the cold-looking lights and the mirror lights add some fun to people's lives.


Third, advocating nature. Catering to people's return to basics and advocating nature, according to the survey, 30% of the lighting uses naturalized design, such as plum wall lamp, fishtail table lamp, peach lamp, horse and other small animal modeling lights, using various The wooden art sculpture is no less than the real crafts. The selection of lampshades is widely used in paper, wood, yarn quality, carved on the outside, and the pattern of the fairy, the art, and the combination of art and practicality.


Fourth, the color is rich. Nowadays, the lighting market is in sync with the colorful life. There are more colorful clothes, such as maple red, natural blue, coral yellow, water grass and green. The colors are elegant and warm.


Five, combined use. Combining lighting fixtures with everyday items is also a popular fashion, such as ceiling fan lights, round mirror lights, and flashlight yellow lights.


Sixth, high technology. Since electronic technology is widely used in the manufacture of luminaires, it is suitable for different voltages, and the third-generation lighting fixtures with adjustable brightness are numerous. Lamps that can protect vision, such as stroboscopic lamps, three-wavelength chromatographic adjustable lamps, and radiation far-infrared red lights, are also on the market.

Seven, multi-functional. If there is a radio light, a music box with a music box, and a bedside lamp as a light-control phone self-control light, when the phone is picked up at night, the light can be automatically lit. After the call is finished, it will automatically go out after a delay of about 50 seconds. When you pick up or make a phone call during the day, the lights will not light up. This combination of multiple functions in one lamp is in line with current consumer fashion.


Eight, energy saving. Energy-saving lamps are very popular with consumers. For example, the longevity energy-saving lamp adopts 3LED core power, and the brightness can be selected according to needs. At the same time, the widespread adoption of new energy-saving light bulbs has also become the mainstream of lighting products.

Nine, environmental protection. Environmental protection is a new topic in the production technology of lamps and lanterns, showing people attach importance to the living environment of the living room. Relevant people believe that this is the main development direction of home lighting in the future. The deodorizing insect repellent lamp produced by Beijing No. 1 uses pure natural biological enzyme to decompose toxic and odor technology, which not only keeps the air in the indoor and bathroom kitchen fresh, but also combines with the artistic style full of interest, becoming the new favorite of the lamp family.


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